Who we are

Board of Iriba Shalom International (from right to left): Sakina Denise Uwimana-Reinhardt (founder & president), Miriam Sinning (vice president), Wolfgang Reinhardt (representative and board member), and Andreas Steuer (treasurer)

Iriba Shalom international ("Source of Peace international") is a registered charitable organisation with its office in Kassel. it works for the survivors of the genocide in 1994 and for the young generation. A work for Healing of Wounds, new Dignity and Reconciliation. 

We work for forgiveness and reconciliation, in this way helping people to gain a new perspective on their lives. Trusting Jesus Christ, our Redeemer in times of hardship and receiving from Him a new identity is the key to salvation.

The society was founded by Denise Uwimana-Reinhardt and friends in January 2015. In a miraculous way Denise survived the genocide and now works for the traumatised women and children. She tells her story in a book first published in German "Mit Gott in der Hölle des ruandischen Völkermords" (= With God in Hell of the Rwandan Genocide."). Being healed from the trauma she wants to help women who had similar experiences.

If you are interested in the book, you can get it here: https://www.fontis-shop.de/epages/fontisshop_de.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/fontisshop_de/Products/111552 The book will be published in english next year.

Or you can get it right here, just get in contact with us!

The memebers of the board an the members of Iriba Shalom international e.V. do work voluntary, we just have one employed member with 5 working hours a week. This minimizes the costs of our managment, but lcan lead to unsteady reachability. Please be appreciative of this.

The costs of our management were approximately 10%. We calculate with 15%, but everything we do nor need goes automatically to our projects.