Sponsorships for elderly people

In Rwanda the elderly people are a group of people who are in greatest need. There is no social security system comparable to Germany or other Western countries. They have to struggle for survival. We support the elderly people in the south-west of the country, a very poor region. The elderly are over 60 years of age and are survivors of the genocide. 

Many of them are frail because of old age and the abuse suffered during the genocide. They are unable to earn a living. Tragically almost all of them lost family members, so that the remaining family members find it hard to support their elderly and weak members.

The elderly people regularly meet - if possible - for prayer, Bible reading and mutual exchange. Their special concern is to pray for the young generation, Through a sponsorship you can build a relationship to the elderly person and contribute that he receives the most necessary medical care and a wholesome diet. 

Many elderly widows live alone without any security.

Young women who remarried after the genocide are traumatised, which often is a problem in their marriage. Other women can not come to terms with the reality that their husbands, fathers and friends were involved in the genocide. Because of poverty and hopelessness the way into prostitution seemed for many of the women to be the only solution.

Iriba Shalom wants to help those women by:

    Christian trauma counselling

    psycho-social single counselling 

    group-therapy leading to self help 

    training seminars to teach practical self help 

Additionally we offer space for meetings and seminars.

At the moment it costs 30 Euro p. month to support a senior. Please get in contact with us, if you have interest in getting a sponsor!