Sponsorships for Children and Adolescents

Many children and young people grow up in grinding poverty. In addition school fees have to be paid for from an early age when they wish to continue with their studies.
Many children run the risk hanging around with bad company. because they do not have a day- to - day structured life. Lack of education deprives them of a perspective of a better life in the future. 

Sponsoring such a child can change its life and family. Because of your support the school fees can be paid and, moreover, the needs of the child and its family can be met.

A sponsorship facilitates a special relationship between you and the child. You will learn more about the life of your sponsored child and its country. You will write letters to each other or may even visit your sponsored child.
You will experience the joy to give a child a new perspective on its way to a better life.

Though the children and young people did not experience the genocide, yet the aftermaths are felt in their lives. Fathers, grandfathers and uncles are absent in their families. They are missed as role models. Many families are unable to pay school fees because of insufficient income.
Consequently children have no perspectives for their lives. 

We would like to support these children by:

    finding sponsors 

    giving financial support for school education and vocational training 

    "Sharing Discovery" (discovering their own gifts) 

    playing traditional games to congregate together 

    teaching Christian values

At the moment it costs 30 Euro p. month to support a child. Please get in contact with us, if you have interest in getting a sponsor!