Help people to help themselves!

Virginie and Chantal are sisters and orphans of the genocide. Chantal is a single mother. They lived in poverty and could spend several days without eating. Their brother who is still a student only helps them pay rent. They have started a small restaurant and also sell milk und Mandazi (African doughnuts). They are happy about this project. They now provide for their needs and say that they regularly have enough food.

The “Amahoro group” (Peace group) in Ruhango is made up of 26 people. It has started a project of making baskets that women use for shopping, because the government of Rwanda no longer allows plastic bags. This group started the project, but did not have enough money to buy materials that were needed. Thanks to the funding, they have restarted their activities. They hope to earn money from it and to provide for the needs of their families.

Another group of women has been supported in doing training to become seamstresses. Unfortunately, they only have one sewing machine which they need to share, but their work gives them great joy and they can earn some money to finance their costs of living.

In Kigali 10 women did a short, monthlong training course in making liquid soap and soap, which they already produce. But they also want to make hand laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, mirror cleaning agent, car shampoo etc. and are looking for customers in Rwanda for their products.

These are just some of the small businesses we could support in the last years. We want to support more women, to get out of poverty in building their own small business. Thank you for your donation for this work!