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Dear friends of Iriba Shalom International e. V., Worldwide

Today, on the 25th of January 2020, we celebrate 5 Years of our NGO (the official celebration with members and friends shall be on June 20 in Kassel).

Together with you we bear the vision and mission: we give help to the traumatised survivors, widows and orphans of the genocide against the Tutsi in a holistic way that they receive inner healing, new hope for life and new dignity.

The genocide destroyed the dignity of people and they fight the consequences during their whole life. In these days it’s 75 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the worst concentration camp of the German Nazis, and the consequences are still to be felt. Rwanda experienced the genocide only 26 years ago.

The survivors say: we have to live on – it’s an inner power to overcome the power of evil. “the genocide does not have the last word for me and for my country! Denise says. Rwandans have decided to be ONE. So, we support the work of reconciliation in Rwanda.

We are thankful and grateful for your engagement and visits, your time and hospitality, your work and gifts because you have helped our NGO to do our work in Rwanda. You have become brother and sister, mom and dad, aunt and uncle, part of the alternative family for widows and orphans whose relatives were killed.

We, the board members, the administrator and the voluntary helpers in cooperation with the German offices and Rwandan partners (Iriba Shalom Rwanda and Shalom Ministries) were able to fulfil this work. By innumerable events we could spread the message of healing and forgiveness at many places in our country and abroad.

Stay in connection with us.

Warm greetings and God’s blessings

Shalom, Amahoro, Peace, Paix!

Your Team

Denise Uwimana-Reinhardt (1. chairwoman, founder and author)

Monika Meier (2. chairwoman, responsible for volunteers in Rwanda)

Dr. Wolfgang Reinhardt (public relations, presentations)

Andreas Steuer (treasurer)  

Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. Is.12,3